Andy Gilmore: Activities of the Inanimate

Work / Art

Andy Gilmore’s painstakingly created geometric patterns are beautifully hypnotic

Kaleidoscopes. Not only a brilliant word, but also some of the best fun in a tube you can have, apart from eating Pringles of course. As a child I’d spend ages looking into them sometimes even two at a time, which is probably why my eyesight is so bad. As a result, I have been unashamedly drawn to Andy Gilmore’s geometric grids of wonderment.

There’s something so colourful and mathematically perfect about these works that it makes me crave for symmetry in every aspect of my life. Created simply with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Andy says he uses “just the basic tools and a lot of time”, highlighting the painstaking effort that’s gone into them. Though aesthetically pleasing, these hypnotic arrangements often reference scales and melodies in music, adding another dimension to them all.


Andy Gilmore: Meru


Andy Gilmore: 10-13-2011


Andy Gilmore: Chemical Affinities


Andy Gilmore: Hexad


Andy Gilmore: 05-01-2012


Andy Gilmore: Think Quarterly


Andy Gilmore: 07-27-2011


Andy Gilmore: 11-05-2010