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Film: Jin Angdoo makes a song and dance about inanimate objects

In one very funny and undoubtedly charming re-enactment of those children’s programs which loved to create characters for inanimate objects, multi-disciplinary artist Jin Angdoo has made a series of four short films which create secret temperaments for everyday stuff.

Toothbrushes, flowers, cutlery and books are matched with classical music to create sweetly characteristic routines demonstrating various different moods. Jin’s subtle but self-aware tweaks in set design cheekily bear witness to jumps in time, while simple changes of position and balancing acts create a strange and enchanting microcosm of all the weird stuff human beings do. Endearing, funny and beautifully executed, Jin’s is a wonderful way to recognise the playfulness that adults continue to possess well into their old age (in spite of all pleas to the contrary).