Angela Dalinger: The Werewurf

Work / Illustration

Angela Dalinger paints heavy metal gigs, werewolves and spilt beer – what more do you need?

Love this. Boy goes to a thrash gig in search of a good time, feels a bit left out so walks home, gets turned into a werewolf by the full moon and then returns to the gig to casually slash someone’s face and start shredding on the lead singer’s guitar. The first-hand detail of those beer bottles all over the venue floor, the band’s name on the drumkit (“Suck Hard”) and the band t-shirts of the sweaty, longhaired fans are what make this little story so enjoyable. Apart from recognising how talented she is, we don’t actually know too much more about Angela Dalinger apart from the fact that she is 28 years old, and her real name is Sandra Wichmann (which she hates).


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Angela Dalinger: The Werewurf


Angela Dalinger: The Werewurf


Angela Dalinger: The Werewurf


Angela Dalinger: The Werewurf


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