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Animade wants you to poop the party in fun interactive web experiment

London animation studio Animade has created Party Pooper, an interactive web experiment where the aim of the game is to get rid of a strange bunch of party guests using tools around the room.

The addictive and hilarious game features a room full of animated characters, including a shady-looking box on legs, a worm bopping to Drake and something in between a knife and an ironing board getting way too excited. Surrounding the guests are objects, like scissors, a dust-buster and tape, which the user can pick up and use to eliminate each unwanted guest.

Designed and animated by Animade’s own Milo Targett, the characters are simple yet brilliant — just block-colour shapes given heaps of personality via their subtly different eyes and ways of moving. Development was by Simon Neveu. The backing tracks by Prince Lucien and Big Cool Slug are the icing on the cake.