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Illustrator Anna Wray distills compositions to reveal the essence of character

Illustrator Anna Wray’s work combines an economy of line and colour to create charismatic and expressive works that tell stories in a simple way. “I am very interested in mid-century illustration and graphic design,” explains Anna. “It is important to me to condense an idea to its most potent by stripping away clutter, slicing elements away until you reveal the very essence, quality of line, texture, characterisation, visual humour and a limited colour palette are all a large part of my work.”

Having studied fine art at Chelsea School of Art, Anna moved into graphic design and worked for a number of BBC magazines, gaining responsibility for commissioning a lot of editorial illustration. “The obvious thing for me was to start to become an illustrator myself, combining my background in fine art and graphic design,” says Anna. “I built my portfolio up gradually while also working as a graphic designer and studying for an MA in printmaking. I now specialise in illustration, I combine working to commissions with clients such at The Independent, The BBC, Covent Gardener Magazine and many more,”

Alongside her commissioned work, Anna makes time to create self initiated works that she sells as editions. “I always have either a lino cut or screen print on the go in between commissions,” she explains. “I really enjoy the process of lino cutting, I like the way it forces me to work minimally, I find the process therapeutic, really tactile and hands on.”


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