Annu Kilpelainen: Sky Abstract

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Annu Kilpelainen is digging out the tropical in our drab urban landscape

Claiming the brief burst of sunshine that follows months of London’s torrential rain as her inspiration (ah, aren’t we all?) Finnish illustrator Annu Kilpelainen makes work that pulls vibrant patterns from otherwise drab urban landscapes, and abstracts them into images so tropical they look like you could wring a piña colada out of them. Her way with colours, juxtaposing thick brights with the intricate detail of a woven shopping bag, is a proper visual treat that only those longing for summer in a bipolar climate can properly understand. Stare at these for too long and before you know it you’ll have dived into the nearest American Apparel and emerged dripping in floral prints ready for a Caribbean street party. Just make sure you bring a brolly so your colours don’t run.


Annu Kilpelainen: My Future Car


Annu Kilpelainen: Patterns


Annu Kilpelainen: Nice Shorts


Annu Kilpelainen: Spring Shop 2