Antoine et Manuel

Work / Graphic Design

Antoine et Manuel: a real party bag of design and feel good graphics

The portfolio of French duo Antoine & Manuel is essentially a weighty party bag of graphic design, graciously bestowed upon you before the party has even begun. As creators of some of the most inviting events posters to date – and not afraid to use coloured pencils and felt tips when the computer gets boring – these guys are leading the way in French graphic design.

Top marks to them for proving that the key to a good poster is not just being on trend; it’s to make things look as if you were in a really good mood when you made it. Buy their beautiful prints in their shop here or check out some of their pretty spectacular furniture.


Antoine et Manuel: SCHOOLS FESTIVAL Poster


Antoine et Manuel: Comedie de Clermont


Antoine et Manuel: CNDC journal 18, cover


Antoine et Manuel: CNDC – Centre national de danse contemporaine, Angers


Antoine et Manuel: CNDCjournal 19, cover, front


Antoine et Manuel: CNDC Saison 2010-2011 card, June 2010


Antoine et Manuel: Comedie de Clermont


Antoine et Manuel: CNDCjournal 19, cover, front and back