Work / Illustration

Antony Huchette applies his loose and playful style to a variety of editorial illustrations

Illustrator Antony Huchette lives and works in Paris and his “playful and surreal” style has been adopted to fit editorial illustrations, comics, pictures and installations. Over the years Anthony has built up a hefty list of clients including The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Pitchfork Review, Grazia – and lots of French mags.

Antony’s illustrations are simply composed using block colours and soft shapes, giving his illustrations a looseness and freedom. His work engages viewers by distilling ideas and concepts like parent/children relationships, messiness and breast cancer research in one visual hit full of personality. His colour palette is vibrant but not punchy allowing his illustrations to work alongside the articles they accompany rather than overshadow them. Antony’s illustrations feature an array of characters within them and he creates humour through their wide-eyed expressions.

Represented by YCN, Antony has also had comics and books published by Cornelius, Conundrum Press and Hélium, which has allowed the illustrator to develop more complex narratives in his work.


Antony Huchette: Calendrier Parixico


Antony Huchette: Grazia


Antony Huchette: Encore


Antony Huchette: Grazia


Antony Huchette: The New York Times Book Review


Antony Huchette: Grazia


Antony Huchette: The New York Times


Antony Huchette: Revue XXI