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Apple has become the world’s first trillion dollar company


Proving that there’s a lot, like a lot, of money to be made from manufacturing laptops which can make you look 2% cooler than you actually are, as you sit in a coffee shop aimlessly wandering around the internet, the Guardian have reported that Apple have become the world’s first ever trillion dollar company.

Think about that for a second: Apple is worth one trillion dollars. A trillion. That’s a million million dollars. Share prices rose today, which pushed the tech giants over the threshold, with strong global growth and better-than-expected sales helping things along.

Somewhere in a plush hillside mansion, Jony Ive is possibly about to dive headfirst into a swimming pool full of hundred dollar bills, like a tech-savvy Scrooge McDuck. And he is going to personally thank all of you, every single iPhone user on earth, all 700 million of you. Possibly.