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Area of Work’s CGI objects will make you do a double take

Comprised of art directors and graphic designers Amine Ghorab and Scott Renau, Paris-based creative studio Area of Work produces the kind of work which makes you do a double take. Slick and hyperrealistic, the duo’s output is as compelling as it is adept.

Amine and Scott first met in 2015 while they were both working at studio Golgotha. “We saw we had both similar tastes in art direction and image making, so we started collaborating together on various projects and decided to create Area of Work, which is an association of artworks and design projects that we’re making together,” they explain of the studio’s inception.

The studio takes its name from the space it represents. As both Amine and Scott were previously working on their own, they wanted to create somewhere where their ideas could converge, a metaphorical space for their collaborations. “Reading an article on the ‘third place’ helped us settle on the definitive name,” they add.

Now, three years later, this collaboration functions entirely in tandem, as both designers share a skillset. Area of Work’s main focus is on creative direction, where Amine and Scott collaborate closely with their clients from the outset. It’s on inspection of their output, however, that the pair’s distinctive style becomes so clear. “CGI is a strong component to our images; trying to blur the lines between photography and digital imagery,” they explain. This coupled with their propensity for consistently-striking art direction in both still and moving imagery leads to work which challenges the very concept of an image. “We want to create images as we’ve seen them in real life,” they tell It’s Nice That.

This manifests itself in various projects including their current personal work for their website landing page. As much of their output revolves around replicating real-life objects as captivating digital images, this space provides a chance for Amine and Scott to flex their rendering muscles. Upon visiting their website, viewers are treated to an impeccably-replicated, yet somewhat mundane object which changes every time. “It’s more of a personal project,” they explain, “but the process of, selecting some objects, lighting, is always thrilling.”

In terms of the pair’s commercial work, however, their impressive CGI skills have seen them collaborating with photographers like Maxime Guyon to fabricate images of the Nike Air Acronym, as well as producing imagery for a recent campaign for the launch of the Nike x PSG collection.


Area of Work with Maxime Guyon: Acronym x Nike Air Vapormax


Area of Work with Maxime Guyon: Acronym x Nike Air Vapormax


Area of Work with Maxime Guyon: Acronym x Nike Air Vapormax


Area of Work: Series of Objects


Area of Work: Series of Objects


Area of Work: Fools Gold


Area of Work with Florence Tétier: Anne Sofie Madesen


Area of Work: Sample


Area of Work: Website