Michael Velliquette: Second Skin (detail)

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Check out some amazing masks created for Arjowiggins’ Second Skin competition

When Arjowiggins came to launch their new range of Skin papers they went well beyond a simple press release. Instead they challenged people to create masks and signed up Kriki, Kako Ueda and Bonsoir Paris to get the ball rolling. Their three efforts were stunning, particularly Bonsoir Paris’ intriguing pair of blue hands, but rather than be cowed by such a high quality initial set, the good people of the internet have stepped up to the plate and then some.

With a couple of weeks still left in the contest, there is an incredible amount of imagination and craft on display – clearly mask-making is in rude health. The only downside is that as part of the jury for this competition, we’re going to have to help pick the best ones!


Kiki Peeters: Second Skin


Kako Ueda: Second Skin


Kriki: Second Skin


Bonsoir Paris: Second Skin


Tony Njenga: Second Skin


Zim and Zou: Second Skin


Michael Velliquette: Second Skin