Alberto del Pozo: Ochumare

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Art: The sultry mystic gods and goddesses of Alberto del Pozo

Prepare to get knocked sideways into a cosmic, electric lady land of colour and texture in these paintings by Cuban artist Alberto del Pozo. These meticulously drawn portraits of gods and goddesses and tropical scenes of drape-heavy boudoirs are mind blowing! Something mystical about these paintings makes me feel that they wouldn’t look out of place in a Sultan’s palace, nor hanging in the hallway of Del Boy’s flat in Only Fools and Horses. Although visually rich, these paintings have a rather sombre back story – they are inspired by the slave trade, and the forcing of religious practice on to those who believe in another deity entirely. You can read more about them and the artist over here on But Does it Float?


Alberto del Pozo: Ogun


Alberto del Pozo: Ecchu Eleggua


Alberto del Pozo: Chango


Alberto del Pozo: Untitled


Alberto del Pozo: Untitled


Alberto del Pozo: Untitled


Alberto del Pozo: Untitled


Alberto del Pozo: Ochumare