Eleonor Boström: Haberdashery

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Art: Eleonor Boström’s lovely ceramic dogs serve all kinds of purposes

Unsure where to pop that pin you’ve just pulled out of your newly repaired hem? Well do not fret, friend, Eleonor Boström has designed a ceramic dog with a pin cushion for a head which will be suitably equipped to meet all your pinning needs. Not a sentence I ever predicted I’d write, but I’ll embrace it with open arms because not only has Eleonor designed tiny ceramic pups for fans of needlework, but also as salt and pepper shakers, and peeking out over the rims of teacups, and with eggcup pots for heads. And other less functional kinds which are just as lovely.

Because there’s nothing quite like beautifully crafted artwork which doubles up as being useful is there? And illustrator and ceramicist Eleonor stumbles happily into that box with her neat canines. What’s more, Sara Barnes of art and design blog Brown Paper Bag fame will be launching an online exhibition and sale of Eleonor’s work on the internet gallery Eyra in the coming few days, so keep your eyes peeled!


Eleonor Boström: Functional Dog


Eleonor Boström: Functional Dog


Eleonor Boström: Dogs


Eleonor Boström: Tears


Eleonor Boström: Bowls


Eleonor Boström: Haberdashery


Eleonor Boström: Dog in a Cup