Joe Fig: Self Portrait: Collinsville

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Art: Incredible, miniature replicas of artists’ studios by Joe Fig

This is not a photo of a studio, this is a photo of a tiny scale model of a studio. It takes quite a lot to shock me these days, I once saw a dog eating another dog in India, but this work genuinely made me stare open-mouthed in awe. The series is by Joe Fig and it is his own way of creating a self-portrait by recreating his studio as a tiny, diorama-esque set. The level of detail is the first thing that gets you, then you see just how homely it looks, how lived in. How did Joe manage to recreate the actual feel of a studio with just a model? Mind-boggling. Check out the actual paintings he makes in his real studio over here on his site, they’re pretty cool too.


Joe Fig: Self Portrait: Collinsville


Joe Fig: Self portrait detail


Joe Fig: Self portrait detail


Joe Fig: Leandro Drew


Joe Fig: Kate Gilmore


Joe Fig: Janaina Tshape