Joshua Sowa: Surf

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Art: Joshua Sowa paints landscapes like a modern Winslow Homer

Ever seen that painting by Winslow Homer with two guys rowing through rough, American waters to a better future? Well, I have no idea if these are inspired by that, but they certainly remind us of it. Joshua Sowa has just graduated in Fine Art from Manchester University and his series of water landscapes are now available on his site for us all to enjoy. Of his work, Joshua says it “explores the line between an abstract painting and a figurative painting through the subject of landscapes. Through experimenting with the flow of paint as a medium, I manipulate the paint to replicate the state of what it is trying to represent, such as the fluidity of water.”


Joshua Sowa: Paddling Canoes on an Ice field


Joshua Sowa: Surf Crash


Joshua Sowa: Jetty


Joshua Sowa: Jetty II


Joshua Sowa: Surf