Kevin Lucbert:

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Art: Mystical biro art courtesy of Kevin Lucbert

Like hyper-real paintings or 3D printed sculptures, it’s easy to hear the words “biro art” and feel like shrugging and wandering off to look at literally anything else instead. In this case, I think we can let it slide, as Kevin Lucbert has blown our presumptuous minds apart with his work this morning. That specific Bic colour of blue used in all of his work reminds you of exams or filling in forms, so when it’s used to portray doorways into parallel universes, suburban streets with a mystical glimmer or a white-robed being strolling through an enchanted nay dangerous forest, it’s something of a breath of fresh air. His ideas aside, Kevin is also a spectacular draughtsman with a diploma from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris and in his spare time he “realises drawings for the French Press.” What a guy.


Kevin Lucbert: Lonesome Town


Kevin Lucbert: The Dream Man


Kevin Lucbert: Threshold


Kevin Lucbert: La Tour


Kevin Lucbert: La Dame du Berry


Kevin Lucbert: Shortcut


Kevin Lucbert: Neighbours Arrival