Tom Price: Untitled (cornrows)

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Art: Tom Price’s sculptures depicting the average man on the streets of Brixton

As much as the sculptures of the time insinuate, the average man hanging round the forum in 500 BC didn’t necessarily have rippling quads, a laurel wreath and an angry God hot on his trail. This is perhaps why Tom Price’s sculptures of men he sees hanging around South London ring so true. In these beautiful sculptures of men, toned abs are replaced with beer bellies, divine movements swapped with bored slouching and catapults with mobile phones.

Tom’s quest is to depict the modern day man, to cement his stance in time and to bring our attention to what we perhaps do not take in day by day, particularly with regards to how black men are perceived in British culture. Want to see them for yourself? See these epic statues in all their glory at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It’s surely worth the trip, when was the last time you saw a puffa gillet carved out of bronze?

Tom Price is on show at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park until 27 April 2014


Tom Price: Network


Tom Price: Head 4 (Coloured Base)


Tom Price: Ducie Street


Tom Price: Man on a Horse (Kings Avenue)


Tom Price: What Next (Angell Road)


Tom Price: Untitled (cornrows)