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Getting eggy with prolific and somewhat fascinating Swiss artist, Urs Fischer

You don’t get many portfolios as rich and as varied as Urs Fischer’s – his somewhat prolific sculptural work ranges from enormous rooms full of objects imprisoned in steel cubes, John Stezaker-esque collages and gargoyle-like characters that look straight out of Labyrinth. But you know, we’re It’s Nice That, so obviously we’re really into the paintings he did of people through history with hard boiled eggs masking their faces. Really though, these are incredibly beautiful pieces of work. Depending on how much you like eggs, they may or may not make you feel a bit nauseous. For me though, this is the best thing ever.


Urs Fischer: Historic Problem


Urs Fischer: Serious Problem


Urs Fischer: Innocent Problem


Urs Fischer: Problem Painting


Urs Fischer: Sloppy Problem


Urs Fischer: Half a Problem