Anna Valdez: Japanese Prints

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Artist Anna Valdez brings her eye for detail to digital painting

It’s Nice That wrote of Oakland artist Anna Valdez back in 2014 that “her mastery of textiles is so thorough that some of her pieces almost feel like studies, an effect which makes sense considering her academic interests. With a background in anthropology she paints domestic interiors as though they were portraits, with every detail contributing to the overall effect, whether it be house plants, intricately reproduced book covers, woolly jumpers or oriental rugs.”

Since then, Anna has continued to cover large canvases with intimately detailed interior spaces, featuring (of course), glossy coffee table art books. Although arguably best known for these oil paintings, Anna also produces prints, works on paper, drawings, animations and video. Among pages of enticing visual offerings on her website, we were particularly drawn to a set of digital drawings. We were struck by the apparent ease with which Anna mixes digital brush sizes and opacity to create landscapes which act as a computerised counterpart to her oils. With shades of purple running through each image, the ten landscapes, which range from desert to a neatly gardened border are brought together neatly. And, for the fans, Anna’s art books covers (Gauguin, Warren Brandt, Joan Brown, Giorgio Morande) make a welcome appearance.


Anna Valdez: Desert Sketch


Anna Valdez: Garden


Anna Valdez: Grasses


Anna Valdez: Logs


Anna Valdez: Nopales


Anna Valdez: Purple


Anna Valdez: Studio Plant Study


Anna Valdez: Three