Work / Animation

Artist Anny Wang collaborates with Tim Söderström to create a series of mesmerising animations

Swedish artist and designer Anny Wang has joined forces with long time collaborator Tim Söderström to create Physlab, a series of hypnotic graphic animations. Splitting her time between Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden, Anny’s animations see her exploring the application of colour to animated forms.

Having worked as architects, as well as 3D artists, Anny and Tim have taken their exploration of 3D software from working on real architectural projects to building hyper-real environments based on illustration and animation.

The designer’s animations see oversized forms forcing themselves through the narrow entrances of gallery-style rooms. Contrasting the block coloured planes of their rigid environments, the animated spheres are fluid in movement and feature heavily patterned surfaces that becoming increasingly mesmerising to watch with every ripple and bulge.

Physlab is an ongoing experimental project. What has really interested us lately is implementing physical forces from the real world in our otherwise quite surreal platforms,” says Anny.