Artomatic: CONTAINER

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Product Design: CONTAINER makes us rethink what we expect from “magazines”

In the ongoing battle to redefine and reimagine the act and art of publishing for the 21st Century comes this project from the fine fellows over at Artomatic. CONTAINER is a thematic collection of objects produced specially by the contributors to that particular “issue.” For the first one, based around the idea of “hot and cold,” the likes of Nic Roope, James Bridle, Daniel Eatock and Accept & Proceed have created a weird and wonderful selection of treats from takeaway forks to pine wood burners. Not only are the objects themselves really special, the project challenges our notion of publications and our increasing expectations of what is becoming a luxury rather than a staple of our everyday lives.

The limited-edition collection goes on sale next month.


Artomatic: CONTAINER (Accept & Proceed)


Artomatic: CONTAINER (David Hieatt)


Artomatic: CONTAINER (James Bridle)


Artomatic: CONTAINER (John Wilshire)


Artomatic: CONTAINER (Leila Johnston)


Artomatic: CONTAINER (Malcolm Garrett)


Artomatic: CONTAINER (Nic Roope & Violetta Boxill)