Asia Chmielewska: Meanwhile

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Polish born, Barcelona-based photographer Asia Chmielewska is a real talent

There are few more fulfilling parts of my job than immersing myself in the Flickr depths of a creative who just seems to get it. Asia Chmielewska is a Polish photographer who was introduced to the joys of taking pictures when she was just seven, and the pursuit of her passion took her to London and then on to Barcelona where she’s now based. Asia has an unerring eye for the weird and the wonderful whether it’s a statue of a wooly mammoth or two bananas seemingly spooning on a brown chair but she is also brilliant at capturing whispered hints of narratives unexplained – a taxi parked by the sea or a towel left by an open window. Add in a natural appreciation of texture and composition and you’re left with a real talent. Cracking stuff.


Asia Chmielewska: Made in Spain – (Un)known Places


Asia Chmielewska: Meanwhile


Asia Chmielewska: Meanwhile


Asia Chmielewska: Meanwhile


Asia Chmielewska


Asia Chmielewska


Asia Chmielewska: Still JPEGs


Asia Chmielewska: Home Lo-Fi Fantasy