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ASOS and It’s Nice That: Hawaiian Shirts

Get up, rub the hibernatory winter sleep from your eyes and ring out the bells – summer’s here! But hold on just a minute, what the heck are you going to wear? Those thick winter threads aren’t going to cut it now senor sunshine’s rocked into town. As you were, we’ve got you covered. We’ve teamed up with our pals at ASOS once again to commission these limited edition Hawaiian shirts designed by five of our favourite artists in the entire world. See who we signed up after the jump…

Hawaiian shirts have a rich heritage so we couldn’t just approach any old creative for this collaboration – the weight of quirkily-coloured mayhem was on their shoulders.

So after a lot of deliberation and rumination we settled on Australian mixed media master Jonathan Zawada, London-based Michael Willis who combines pyschadelia and kitsch to devastating effect, effortlessley elegant French designer Mario Hugo and two of Brooklyn’s best – Hisham Bharoocha and Mike Perry.

Let the summer fun commence!