Hvass & Hannibal for It’s Nice That with ASOS


Hvass & Hannibal’s Foffa bike


Christopher Gray for It’s Nice That with ASOS


Christopher Gray’s Foffa bike


Jack Featherstone for It’s Nice That with ASOS


Jack Featherstone’s Foffa bike


Siggi Eggertsson for It’s Nice That with ASOS


Siggi Eggertsson’s Foffa bike


La Boca for It’s Nice That with ASOS


La Boca’s Foffa bike

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ASOS vests

Vests, once the preserve of office middle managers and overweight Dads on holiday, have undergone quite the transformation over recent years – and my goodness this might help further. With our pals at ASOS, we have commissioned five of our favourite designers to produce five brilliant new designs for these limited-edition vests.

As with our successful previous collaborations with ASOS, this project promises to bring together top quality design and eye-catching gear to create something really special.

Our go-to guys for this were Jack Featherstone, La Boca, Siggi Eggertsson, Hvass & Hannibal and Christopher Gray and as you can see from the pictures they have all brought their own style to bear on these funky armless little numbers.

And everyone who buys a vest not only gets a set of bike stickers, but also gets entered into a draw to win one of five exclusive Foffa fixed wheel bikes, designed by the artists. Wowsers.