Astrid Yskout: Hawaii

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Illustration: Astrid Yskout draws tigers, flowers and koalas which is ace

It’s easy when illustrating children’s books to slip into the squidgy, saccharine realm of twee. But to remain intelligent and humourous while still maintaining an aesthetic that appeals to children and adults combined is tricky. Astrid’s got this down though and her zoological illustrations are the perfect mix of fun and truly giggle-worthy. The fact there isn’t a single whiff of patronising in any of her children’s publications is also a breath of fresh air, so we’re big fans. Astrid’s also a bit of a dab hand at logo design, some of which you can see over on her site.


Astrid Yskout: “Elk diertje zijn pleziertje” Illustrations for Libelle Mama


Astrid Yskout:


Astrid Yskout:


Astrid Yskout: