Atlas: Elephant (Issue 20)

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Astrid Stavro and Pablo Martin redesign Elephant magazine

When I first joined It’s Nice That more than three years ago I had never heard of Elephant magazine, but it was one of those titles talked about in hushed and revered tones. As such it’s always a publication I’ve approached with high expectations, so it was interesting to hear that for the next issue, number 20, Astrid Stavro and Pablo Martin of Atlas Studio have overseen a fairly comprehensive redesign.

Working closely with editor-in-chief Marc Valli, editor Robert Shore and publisher Rudolf van Wezel, the pair have sought to redefine the look and feel as part of a wider rethink of what the magazine wants to be. As Astrid told Frameweb: “From the initial discussions with the editors and publisher it was clear that the new tone of magazine had to reflect a more lifestyle and journalistic approach. Serious and provocative without being cold and conceptual. Spontaneous, accessible and aesthetically intriguing without being formulaic.” 

So she describes the new Elephant as “more in line with the accessible look of a well-designed Sunday supplement. A lifestyle magazine that speaks to a broad, varied and multicultural art loving audience.”

There’s a new, less serious masthead, and the opening section of the magazine is much more image led in terms of its rhythm, playing off typographic openings to good effect. The Paper Galleries section has different paper stocks and a wraparound sleeve that is meant to act as a physical respite from the rest of the content.

One of the overarching principles was apparently to make Elephant look “less like a design magazine” which these first release shots suggest has happened; we’re looking forward to having one in our hands now.


Atlas: Elephant (Issue 20)


Atlas: Elephant (Issue 20)


Atlas: Elephant (Issue 20)


Atlas: Elephant (Issue 20)