Baptiste Alchourroun: Bloomberg View

Work / Graphic Design

Stunning pencil illustrations and very impressive design from Baptiste Alchourroun

What a treat it was to open our inboxes to this beautiful portfolio from French designer and illustrator Baptiste Alchourroun. His labour-intensive colour pencil drawings created for such publications as The New York Times, The Plant Journal and Bloomberg Businessweek are at once naive and rather adult.

The illustration he created for the NYT that depicts a boy seemingly walking up invisible steps outside a high building could have been made for a much-loved children’s book whereas his stark, surgical illustration for Kiblind magazine is much more morbid. We haven’t been this wowed by an illustration portfolio for a long while, so the fact that Baptiste is also an incredible graphic designer as well as a crayon-wizard is almost too good to be true.


Baptiste Alchourroun: The New York Times


Baptiste Alchourroun: Kiblind


Baptiste Alchourroun: Bloomberg View


Baptiste Alchourroun: Revue Dada


Baptiste Alchourroun: Revue Mouvement


Baptiste Alchourroun: Untitled


Baptiste Alchourroun: Bloomberg View