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Norwegian agency Anti designs logo and identity based on Oslo’s Barcode skyline

From London to New York, the skylines of major cities around the world are often instantly recognisable. To this effect, multidisciplinary agency Anti has designed a thoughtful visual identity for the series of waterfront high-rise buildings in Oslo, Norway collectively known as the Barcode. Stripping the skyline back to the bare minimum, the logo and adaptable identity scream of Scandinavian design principles.

Part of a controversial initiative to redevelop a section of the city’s docklands, the Barcode buildings, which break with the Norwegian capital’s low-rise city planning, were built to vary in size, shape and design so as to avoid obstructing views of the fjord. Echoing this, Anti’s abstract design makes use of simple lines that correspond to the heights of the different buildings. With its clean aesthetic and block capital, sans serif type, the identity’s multiple applications across print collateral, product design and installation all reflect the same sleekness as Oslo’s first skyscrapers.


Anti: Barcode


Anti: Barcode


Anti: Barcode


MVRDV: Barcode


Anti: Barcode