Beetopia: Alec Doherty – Untitled (crop)

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25 of Europe’s best illustrators make bee-related artwork for charity auction

Bees are precious, you hear me?! But you don’t need met to tell you that, people have been wigging out about bees dying for years. Rather than pool their minds together and sort out a solution to keep bees safe, these creative types were asked by bee-loving initiative The Honey Club to just create special artwork to help raise money for the bees instead. Way better!

“20 professional illustrators and five young artists from the Global Generators partnered with designers from brand consultancy and Honey Club founding member Wolff Olins to create illustrations for the exhibition,” the statement reads. “Proceeds will directly support artists and the Honey Club and its mission to evolve and expand a network of bee caring communities in urban spaces – from rooftop to garden, hive to street, business to people.”

Good cause + some of our favourite artists = great idea. The exhibition is on show until 17 August at London’s Guardian Gallery. You can also get your sticky little bee fingers on some of the prints over here. Now buzz off!


Beetopia: Jordy Van Den Nieuwendick – Untitled


Beetopia: Yoboh Studio – Untitled


Beetopia: Antonio Ladrillo – Bee


Hvass & Hannibal – Untitled


Beetopia: Atelier Bingo – Untitled


Beetopia: Jean Jullien – Untitled


Beetopia: Alec Doherty – Untitled