Ben Sanders: Superman

Work / Illustration

Fantastic illustration straight from sunny LA – it’s the brilliant Ben Sanders

Where’ve you been hiding Ben Sanders? Until we got a really great little postcard from you a few days ago, we were utterly ignorant of your brilliance. Ben lives in LA, which may explain why his work is infused with mustard sunshine yellows and bright, gleaming reds. Fun and carefree, yet with terrific skills with a paintbrush, Ben is a dreamy mix of commissionable illustrator and full-blown artist. The Olympics poster from year is perhaps one of the best made throughout the duration of that overly long sports fest. Discuss.

You can see some of his work in progress and some really great sketches over here on his blog.


Ben Sanders: Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market


Ben Sanders: Modern painting on pink wall


Ben Sanders: Sounds Good


Ben Sanders: The Games Return to London


Ben Sanders: Slide


Ben Sanders: Superman