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Ben Sanders’ vibrant paintings play with perspective through everyday objects

Using a mix of 2D and 3D elements, LA-based artist Ben Sanders conjures intrigue and delight over everyday things likes vases, brooms and tacos. Ben’s palette is so colourful it feels as though it’s been injected with a little Californian sunshine and the vibrancy of his works enhances the various pop culture references scattered throughout the pieces.

In many of his artworks such as Vase with Pepsi Rose and Stache’ Man, Fly Guy, Gimme a Quarter, Ben takes a flat piece of art and elevates it to something more object-like. This shift in perspectives gives his work a playfulness and it’s something we’ve seen in previous projects. Back in 2014 we featured his colourful artworks that experimented with shapes and texture, and a year later it was his creepy but cute ceramics that caught our eye. In this latest slew of artworks it feels as though Ben has combined the best of both worlds by creating studies of pots and plates and overlaying them with thick brushstrokes and other organic markings.


Ben Sanders: Stache’ Man, Fly Guy, Gimme a Quarter


Ben Sanders: Untitled (Magnet Painting)


Ben Sanders: A Single Flower From You, Nothing Less, Nothing More (Hatted Man)


Ben Sanders: Kinda Japanese Flower on Yellow


Ben Sanders: Smooth Pongin’ (Smooth as eggs)


Ben Sanders: Vase with Pepsi Rose


Ben Sanders: Various Vases


Ben Sanders: Swan Song of the Rare Arctic Lilly


Ben Sanders: Deliverance!