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Best of the Web: our round-up of the awesome things we’ve seen on the internet

Welcome to your weekly run-down of the best things the It’s Nice That studio has seen on the world wide web in the last seven days. We’ve got all sorts from trash cinema to Simpsons signage to the sound of LA masquerading as something Brian Eno could have dreamed up. Enjoy!

A Simpsons superfan with a lot of time on his hands has put together a Tumblr devoted to the signs of everyone’s favourite yellow bodied family, Spingfield. Creator’s Project had a chat with JJ Jones, the man behind Signs of Springfield about his labour of love.

Assistant editor Maisie Skidmore was bowled (served?) over by this New York Magazine feature on Serena Williams. “Magnificent example of a sportswoman with an enduring influence who shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon, The Cut’s article about tennis champion Serena Williams is not to be missed this week,” she says.

It was Hedi Slimane’s first in-depth interview in three and a half years about taking over Saint Laurent that caught editorial assistant Alex Hawkins’ eye. In it, the notoriously shy Slimane talks hedonism, street culture and his Christian faith.

Another great piece Maisie spotted is the New York Times article on three decades of the Guerrilla Girls, the activist, feminist art collective that has lately found itself to be bustling mask-to-mask with the upper echelons of the art world.

From feminism to female trouble, we can never resist an article on John Waters (and boy, there’s a few of them) so when Vice spoke to him about his forthcoming BFI film retrospective, we couldn’t help but pore over his talk of the role Joan Crawford would rather forget and things that are “so awful they’re perfect.”

Earlier this week Karl Toomey, art director of our sister agency INT Works sent over this gem. It’s “a website that takes live police radios streams and puts them over ambient music,” he explains. “So surreal and kind of beautiful.”

This week’s been chock-a-block with Corbyn chat. For those who’ve missed it, Jeremy Corbyn is the UK front-running Labour candidate; and his logo is as straightforward as his manifesto. Design Week took us through politicians’ personal branding this week, with appearances from Hilary Clinton, Obama and the Conservative party.

To finish on a less serious note, director Will Hudson has seen the light! Loads of them, in the form of this video from South Korea, which shows high school football cheerleaders that support their team through lights in their outfits. “Human LED needs to be brought to the premiership,” Will reckons.