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Here we go again, it’s the Best of the Web! And the finest people to follow on social

What’s been great on the internet this week? We’ll tell you what, and for good measure we’ll also tell you exactly who we reckon you should be following on social media and the highlights of you, our readers’, online chatter over the past seven days.

Apparently we can learn a lot about design from k-pop (Emily)

As part of a series of historic insights into The New York Times here, Metro reporter David W. Dunlop, looks back at a typographical challenge brought up during Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidential campaign in 1952. (Beccy)

John Booth, an illustrator / ceramics man, added some of his lovely work to some very cool man bags last week for Fendi’s SS17 collection. That’s right, some very cool man bags. (Carol)

Pretty Corporate with a capital C, but Progress Packaging is being very mysterious with their new identity and there’s a lot of rotating boxes and shiny labels (Connor)

Weird video about the referendum (Jamie)

Magculture’s Jeremy Leslie picks out of five of the best new magazines made by and for young women over on Grafik (Emily)

From The New Yorker, Rachel Syme talks about the late Bill Cunningham’s muse, Editta Sherman. (Beccy)

Who to Follow

Jeremy Leibman

Jeremy Libman shared some lovely words about his father’s unpublished photography on the site this week. His own work is just as compelling. Father like son, etc.

Mike Perry

Brooklyn artist Mike Perry shared this massive mural he’s been working on with the likes of Kate Moross, Mcbess and Craig and Karl. Interesting chap to follow, especially as he’s “making shit all the time."

Kyle Platts

We’re not sure if this actually true, but Kyle Platts has announced his a toy range from his popular comic strip, Vibe Consultant. To get back to the point, his feed is pretty, pretty goooood.

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Grand Chamaco

On first glance Grand Chamaco’s creations appear to be sickly sweet, look again and you can’t help but detect a hint of sarcasm. So worth a follow if sarcastic happiness is your thing.


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Lynnie Zulu

If the looks of this from Lynnie Zulu fill your eyes full of joy, you’d do well to follow the artist in Instagram.

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