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1 December 2017
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Happy 1st of December! It is now officially acceptable to listen to Christmas jingles in public, write your dream wish list and indulge on your advent calendar or countless mince pies. But we’ve still got 24 days to go until we can truly celebrate, so here is the best bits of the web this week.

Probably the best intro to a website I’ve ever seen. (Ruby)

In a week that where the UK and US political relationship seems to be at an all time low the Danish & Indonesian Prime Ministers are showing the world how to do it. (Will)

The Brexit Bus game lets you drive the campaign bus over terrain that mirrors the value of the pound since the EU referendum. And it’s really fun. (Jenny)

This emerged a couple of years back but it’s been making the rounds on Twitter this week. In case you haven’t seen it… Jonathan Glazer’s rejected ad (below) for Flake. (Marianne)

Praline has designed The Scale of Things featuring facts to seriously blow your mind. (Ruby)

Stumbled across the twitter account of The Flat Earth Organisation who is tirelessly spreading the message that the Earth is flat… It held it’s first conference last month, sigh… (Jenny)

Throughout 2017, Lyst tracked the searches of over 100 million shoppers and have now visualised it in a cloud of data showing what we were all wearing this year. (Lucy)

1,080 photos of the backs of strangers heads (below), then organised according to the background colour. (Simon)

Vice’s Oobah Butler has now turned his hilarious series of articles into films, starting with ‘How to Get into the Cinema for Free’. (Lucy)

How to draw Christmas, via Present & Correct. (Jenny)

Cardi B’s interview in the Guardian today is a must read. Look out for lines such as: “this is what women want to do to men: buy me a bag and go about your day.” (Bryony)

The Bad Sex Awards are back! (Beccy)

In the first episode of Netflix’s new “feminist” show Godless, 73% of the lines are spoken by men. (Simon)

Cyber Friday special: 50% off follows on the accounts below with code LOLJKS123.

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