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Creeping towards the weekend, it’s Best of the Web

Right now at It’s Nice That HQ we’re being badgered by an alarming amount of caterpillars – not satisfied by the leaves and greenery, they’re shimmying inside, appearing on our mugs, legs and computers. So while we try to deal with this furry infestation, take a look at this week’s Best of the Web – a safe haven away from the creepy crawlies. From an article about what makes creatives different from the rest of us to a blog of photos of googly eyes in the best places, there’s lots to get stuck into.

The Guardian published Sarah Blesener’s striking photo series Toy Soldiers about youth cadet clubs in Russia, painting it as slightly sinister by saying it offers “a potent mix of patriotism and play fighting” – even though there are around 50,000 young cadets in the UK too. (Jenny)

A controversial Italian court ruling sees five top museum directors ousted. (Owen)

Clubhouse Studios has reimagined the celebrated photography journal I’ve lived in London for 86 1/2 years for Hoxton Mini Press, with an interactive website that can be controlled by the blink of an eye. (Beccy)

Saw this short film about David Fincher’s (Fight Club, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl) use of CGI in his films. Always been a big fan of his stuff, but it’s mad to think he always uses CGI for blood, never real blood. (Connor)

Eyebombing Bulgaria is a blog of photos of googly eyes in the best places. (Jenny)

Kibwe Tavares’ film Robot and Scarecrow which we wrote about last week is now available to view on Nowness. (Owen)

“There’s no best keyboard… There’s the best keyboard for you.” (Marianne)

Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo has launched a creative accelerator programme . To apply, you need to answer a series of ten questions including “how would you draw a straight line on a desert island?” and “take a photo of ordinary”. (Simon)

Come on Jez! This Instagram account rebrands Corbyn to “show how relevant he is”. (Will)

The new Richard Dawson video (above) is pretty funny stuff. (Jenny)

More reasons to vote Labour from AJ Tracey. (Bryony)

Interesting article about how creatives see things that others don’t (Connor)

Amazing Vanity Fair article from 1997. So much good stuff in there about 90s London from the restaurant scene to Brit Pop, fashion to cocaine and a dash of Cool Brittania. (Julian)

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