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Halloween brought us so many horrors on Tuesday that we’ve gone and scared ourselves into next month. Yes, November is here, and with it brings colder weather, Christmas countdowns and the relentless planning of festive catch-ups, drinks, shindigs and soirees.

While the next couple of months might seem daunting if you’re more of a Summer Susie than a Winter Wendy, just relax and read this week’s Best of the Web to calm you down. We have an 8 bit animation of Stranger Things, the most bizarre Kickstarter we’ve seen and a profile on Greta Gerwig.

So true (Jenny)

Stranger Things season one as an 8 bit game animation (below). If somehow you still haven’t seen it – spoiler alert!!! (Ruby)

Ping pong bats by artists such as Sam Taylor, Mr Bingo, Nous Vous, Hattie Newman and Emily Forgot are being auctioned for Trekstock. (Simon)

Weirdest thing funded on Kickstarter this week – a furry cushion with a robotic cat’s tail. (Jenny)

The New York Times’ new web series Internetting with Amanda Hess. Episode one is called The Dark Art of Political Memes. It’s educational AND funny. (Ruby)

Lovely article about the role of drawing in idea development. Specifically about architecture but relevant to all design and creativity. (Julian)

Tabloid Art History is not a new Twitter account but it does dish out moments where celebrity mimics classic paintings with bizarre exactitude. (Beccy)


Spice Girls on the set of a publicity photoshoot, 1994-2000 // Pablo Picasso, ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’, c.1907 (Tabloid Art History)

Josh Jones traced every single leap that Sam Beckett made in Quantum Leap on to a map. (Jenny)

Hmm? Sainsbury’s is to set up its own record label. (Marianne)

The Guardian interviews Neave Brown, who designed the Alexandra Road estate and similar masterpieces of social housing, and has just been awarded the RIBA royal gold medal – 40 years after his last project ended. (Beccy)

This Greta Gerwig profile by Christine Smallwood is one of the best I’ve ever read. It’s the kind of article that is like a really lovely hot drink that you want to keep sipping at. (Lucy)

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