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Huzzah! It’s time for this week’s Best of the Web

Aqua once sang, “If only I could turn back time”, and through the magic of Daylight Saving Time that’s exactly what happened last weekend in the wee hours. While many of us would’ve been asleep when this mystical time of year came upon us, redeem that extra hour of time now and read this week’s Best of the Web with glee. From a rebranding of North Korea to a lovely film about Harris Tweed, all disciplines are covered in this juicy instalment. To eek out that hour a little longer, we’ve also go a healthy slab of Who to Follow on social media.

In an attempt to elect Democrat Scott Wiener as a candidate for California State Senate, this outrageously good promo video has been created for the guy. In the 80s dance themed video MC Hammer makes an appearance among the cheesy script and naf dancing. (Beccy)

Swedish agency Snask have had a go at rebranding North Korea in an effort to improve its public image. (Owen)

Pretty interesting tumblr of flags from the various regions in the Russian Federation. (Callum)


Flags of Russia

If anyone hasn’t already watched the new ad which celebrates Burberry’s 160th anniversary, have a look. Everyone seems to be disappointed that this isn’t an actual film they can watch! It features Domhnall Gleeson, Sienna Miller and was directed by Oscar winner Asif Kapadia who did the documentary on Amy Winehouse. (Eva)

The Guardian’s art critic Jonathan Jones discusses the rumour that Picasso was supposedly “the first artist to work with human shit”. (Beccy)

Ten years late, massively over budget, and generally the bane of the Hamburg’s existence, the Elbphilharmonie concert hall announced it was finished by spelling it out in lights across its facade. (Owen)

Beautiful documentary (below) about the Harris Tweed industry in Scotland. I just love all the colours of the wool, it’s amazing. (Jenny)

Franco Bollo’s new music video follows a tale about a lonely ball of pubes who finds itself emotionally, and physically, detached from its owner. (Simon)

While it’s a very biased piece from an Apple “fanboy”, this article is a good round up of what is in store for the next generation of editing on a Macbook (including the really weird but potentially amazing touch bar). (Connor)

Foxygen’s new music video Follow The Leader hints at how much fun we’ll have dancing to their upcoming release. (Lucy)

Made by Boiler Room and GoPro, this hour-long music video mix (below) is set to the sounds of Mister Saturday Night (Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter – contemporary NY’s shining dance figureheads) at a club in Brooklyn with the city’s finest dancers, featuring live PAs from Crystal Waters and Aly Us. (Bryony)

Who to follow

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