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All of human life was there: welcome back to the Best of the Web

Oh hi! I didn’t see you there, I was too busy scouring the internet for the glittering gemstones of truth and frippery that make it such a scintillating place to while away the hours. But as it’s you, I’m willing to share. Here you go, hun, it’s the very best of the web.

This look’s really interesting. Radio Atlas is an online radio to hear/watch audio visual documentaries, dramas, works of sound art that have been made around the World, in other languages. (Manda)

The real life pet dogs of Dr Seuss, and an introduction to his new book (Billie)

It’s sometimes considered rude to discuss politics, so we’ll keep our thoughts on wispy haired political pillock Donald Trump to ourselves . However, we will direct you to this site which allows you to blow a trumpet at point blank range at his head. ¯\(ツ)/¯ (Simon)

As a comedy nerd, this is just amazing for me (Ellen)

It’s the film debate that has lasted 20 years, would have Jack Dawson fit on that raft at the end of Titanic? Kate Winslet confirms he would have over on i-D, pretty much making Rose a stone-cold killer. Pun intended. (Simon)

“I would love to be Apple’s hand, their whole commercial is hands!” A day in the life of a hand model (Billie)

Nowness’ latest My First Apartmento film delves into Tavi Gevinson’s New York home, and it’s pretty much how you’d imagine it to look (Emily)

NFL Lip Reading 2016 has landed (Ali)

Photographer Jill Furmanovsky talks about her best picture on The Guardian. The photo is of Liam Gallagher and Bono while they watch Noel sing Don’t Look Back in Anger back in 1997. (Beccy)