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Grab your coat, it’s Best of the Web!

May is here and this means an abundance of Bank Holidays, luke warm sunshine and convincing yourself that it’s definitely time for ice cream now. To help encourage the warmer weather is Best of the Web, with a hot cocktail of Met Gala photographs in Vogue, an in-depth interview with Brad Pitt, an update for London buses, topped off with Nasa’s image library getting an update.

Elon Musk is inviting people to come up with names for his tunnel boring machine. So far the best include William Burroughs, The Elongator and Snoop Dug. (Jenny)

London buses and routes will soon be colour coded like the tubes. (Will)

Look at this photo (below) of Samuel L Jackson at the Southport Weekender in 2000 (he was invited by Jazzy Jeff) taken from this Scouse House article on the Guardian. (Lucy)


Samuel L Jackson at the Southport Weekender in 2000

A parable for our times: a broken yet ultimately hopeful Brad Pitt tells his story to GQ, illustrated by Jesus-in-the-desert inspired photos by Ryan McGinley. (Bryony)

This is great. (Jamie)

The Bud Light frogs (below) are back! (Jenny)

Anish Kapoor brings his giant hot tub to America. (Jenny)

Nasa has tidied up its image library. (Owen)

The most important news I’ve heard in a while. (Callum)

Incredible shots from the Met Gala captured by Daniel Arnold (below). Expect shots of selfies, beautiful people eating and all round fabulousness. (Beccy)


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