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It’s time for this week’s glorious digest of Best of the Web

As we welcome August into our calendars with gay abandon, it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on when we’re having so much fun. For some focus, we’ve gathered together the best things we’ve seen on the internet this week and the people you should be following on social media.

Absolutely top class headline from The Guardian on this coverage of the ongoing Ikea/Kanye will they/won’t they collaboration. (Jenny)

My mate Joe Skilton has just started an Instagram for all these headlines he has been collecting in Hackney. (Jamie M)

This is just… well, very creative. Warning: NSFW. (Connor)

The NSPCC have commissioned an animation to teach kids about sex abuse and saying “no.” (Caroline)

The first ever food stall to be awarded a michelin star. (Ali)

Writer Christine Laskowski, art director Kate Larue and animator Tom McCarten collaborate on this collaged infographic narrative video for FiveThirtyEight’s editorial on the milestone possibility of Clinton’s prospective presidency and the underlying absence of women in elected office. (Jamie G)

What Instagram would look like if it launched on Windows 95. (Simon)

A beautifully shot, short video portrait of a German ballet dancer in Berlin, discussing the art form, stage fright and his assertion that the true magic of ballet reveals itself in the process of experimentation and rehearsal, viewed within Within Three Meters. (Jamie G)

Women of NASA immortalised in Lego. (Julian)

Inspired by Alice Nutley’s project illustrating that women of a certain age consistently wear purple this Instagram highlights the grape brigade. (Lucy)

Festival creates Mini Berghain, the most hyped club in Europe and no one can get into it. (Jamie M)

Keiichi Matsuda spoke at In Progress in 2012. I remember at the time not really understanding what he said was coming our way. Now that Pokemon Go is here, I really get it. Holy shit sticks! (Karl)

Who to Follow

Benedikt Luft

Benedikt Luft’s feed is full of daily drawings, WIP and general tomfoolery.

Jon Burgerman

Yeah, we know, Jon Burgerman has been featured here a few times before, but his melting ice cream characters are so good we just couldn’t not share them.

Caroline Tompkins

If you like stunning photography alongside documentation of a pretty envious lifestyle, Caroline Tompkins is your gal.

Ness Lee

Illustrator and thing maker Ness Lee’s Insta is full of charming nudes, cheeky ceramics and the occasional fan boy/girl tattoo.

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Réka Neszmélyi

Réka Neszmélyi is very, very good at the graphic design, and that’s all we have to say about that.