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Kick start 2017, with a slice of Best of the Web

We’ve made it to 2017 and what a journey it was. These first few days of January are hard, so if you’ve struggled to get out of your Christmas food coma or found it difficult to comprehend why pyjamas aren’t acceptable work attire, let us give you a dose of Best of the Web to perk you up.

This week there’s a round-up of this year’s newest museums, some amazing ice slides in China and a selection of writers on which artworks cheer them up. So put down the stilton and party hats, and get reading!

Latvian film maker Laila Pakalniņa’s film Rumba (Waterfall) for Nowness is a collection of observational footage taken at Venta Waterfall had me longing for the summer months in the freezing weather this week. (Lucy)

As part of the The Guardian’s uplifting culture series, this article asks six writers and creators across music, philosophy, fiction and art, to choose the works they can rely on to replenish their zest for life. Featured is Alain de Botton, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Ali Smith among others. (Beccy)


Etel Adnan: Untitled (c1995), chosen by Han Ulrich Obrist

Sir Kenny G on Desert Island Discs. (Will)

The Pool reports on how a group of Saudi women are showing defiance through the power of the music video. (Jenny)

The New York Times discusses what Trump’s presidency might mean for the art market. (Beccy)

Tinder pokes fun at VR (above) to promote real-life experiences. (Jenny)

Metro maps simplified (Julian)

After the kerfuffle surrounding architect Patrik Schumacher’s remarks at WAF last year, the Architect’s Journal has received an astonishing leaked email that reveals the fallout within the office after the event. An interesting glimpse into the power plays going on behind the scenes at the world’s most prominent architecture office. (Owen)

John Malkovich has a Squarespace (below). This is seriously slick. (Alex)

Restaurant/sports bar Buffalo Wild Wings is painted a very particular colour. This ad, narrated by John Goodman, explains why the paint colour Pantone 116C was chosen over 1,866 others for a reason: it allows you to adjust between eating your food, watching the game on TV and drinking your beer without fatiguing your eyes. (Owen)

The Spaces provides a handy round-up of the new museums opening this year around the world. (Beccy)

Breaking coin news: "The pound won’t be round for much longer” – excellent copywriting, that. (Jenny)

This selection of images from the 33rd Harbin ice and snow sculpture festival is amazing, particularly those icy slides! (Lucy)


Wu Hong/EPA: China’s snow festival

Who to follow – Ones to Watch special

This week we released our list of creatives and studios who you should keep an eye on this year. To help you along with that process, here’s all their Instagram accounts. Enjoy!

Jack Sachs

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Seetal Solanki

Marguerite Humeau

Nicos Livesey

Monica Kim Garza

Spassky Fischer

Joyce NG

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Max Siedentopf

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