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Cool links, mag love and who to follow – it’s Best of the Web!

At last, it feels like spring is finally here and with the Instagramable blossom trees and lighter evenings, comes this week’s Best of the Web bright eyed and bushy tailed. From the best things we’ve seen on the net to the topics that have got your tongues wagging, this week’s edition is a belter.

Very interesting series from Creative Review, where they offer really nice insight into the process of a specific project, the Cadburys Gorilla one particularly. (Will)

Cool spot for Appy Fizz starring Priyanka Chopra, created by Vallée Duhamel with Sagmeister Walsh. (Emily)

Crazy, extremely trippy interactive music vid. (Simon)

20 years of The Wall Street Journal’s website. (Jamie)

Nice animation from The School of Life about love being harder than work, animated and illustrated by Daniel Brereton. (Emily)

Steven Heller’s feature on Herman Miller’s Why Magazine dives into the furniture company’s archives and discusses the relationship between Frykholm, Chwast, and Herman Miller, highlighting some of Chwast’s commissions. (Beccy)

The sun has quickly set on the New Day – Roy Greenslade picks over the wreckage in The Guardian. (Owen)

Claire Danes wore a fibre optic dress by Zac Posen to the Met Gala, to celebrate the New York museum’s Costume Institute exhibition Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology and it was amazing. (Jenny)

Microsoft pre-touch is the nuts – the future mobile interaction. (Callum)

For this year’s Met Gala, Vogue once again commissioned photographer Cass Bird to capture candid shots of the ladies’ loos. The glamour is hard to resist. (Beccy)

Who to follow

Mrzyk & Moriceau

The gift that keeps on giving. French duo Mrzyk & Moricaeu publish an illustration a day which never disappoints.

Murat Pak

Designer/developer Murat Pak set up this Twitter account which posts “inspirational images.” Sounds pretty plain until Murat revealed the account is actually a bot, and now has 85,000 followers.

Ill Studio

A mix of very slick art direction alongside some pretty darn funny every-day observations.

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Jack Sachs

3D motion whizz kid and all round funny guy.


The Manchester-based agency have been showcasing some pretty neat Secret 7” artwork over the past few days.

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Hot topic!

We don’t mean to brag, but the response to the latest issue of Printed Pages has been so good it’s turned our teeth grey. Here are some of our favourite posts that have popped up in our feed.

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