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Hello old friend, it’s Best of the Web!

Oh we’ve got to stop meeting like this! But seeing as you’re here, why not come and read another edition of Best of the Web with us? This week we’ve got Alan Sugar talking about Twitter, ski jumpers at Oslo’s largest ski jump and an adventure with Tracey Emin in the south of France. Enjoy!

Vice journalist Dexter Thomas got banned from Yayoi Kusama’s studio for “low quality interview questions”. (Jenny)

The new bedtime story is a podcast. (Marianne)

Tracey Emin invited Guardian critic Jonathan Jones to stay at her mountain hideaway
on the Cote d’Azur. (Beccy)

i-D launches its documentary series Out of This World with a film directed by Matt Lambert (above), starring Mykki Blanco as he explores queer culture in Johannesburg. (Jenny)

Audi Norway worked with Swedish artist Anne-Li Karlsson to illustrate a city using electric ink, for a model car to navigate. (Simon)

Twitter speaks to Alan Sugar about why he thinks other CEOs should also be on Twitter. (Marianne)

David Ryle’s photographs of skiers at Oslo’s largest ski jump are incredible (below), imagine flying into a cloud… and not when you’re in a plane. (Lucy)


David Ryle: Ski Hopp

Tabagotchi by Breather. A chrome extension that helps you beat tab anxiety to be more productive. Fewer tabs = happy Tabagotchi. More tabs = angry Tabagotchi. (Dan)

Article on adults’ new obsession with weird, squishy stuffed animals. (Marianne)

Robots playing guitars!!! Oh, and it’s real (at least some of it). (Ruby)

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