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The nation’s sweetheart, it’s Best of the Web

Another week is wrapped up neatly, so as a reward take a gander at this week’s Best of the Web. Making the rounds on the internet over the last seven days is a possible sighting of Banksy in Israel, a user-generated project from Reddit, and a behind-the-scenes look at some gross special effects from Little White Lies. You’re welcome!

A Curate’s Egg gets great answers to some questions that you might be afraid to ask out loud, it’ll be interesting to see how this grows. (Owen)

Raine Allen-Miller, one of our Ones To Watch 2017, is back with (another) stunningly beautiful new music video <3. (Bryony)

Reddit held a collaborative art project where users could place one coloured pixel on a blank canvas every five minutes. It went on for 72 hours and below is the result. (Tim)

Banksy may have been caught on film in Israel. (Bryony)

An old Dundee mill will become one of Britain’s largest creative spaces. (Will)

A great archive of 35 years worth of covers for Print magazine’s Regional Design Annual. (Beccy)


Print magazine’s RDA


So brilliant that TLC want fans to name their new record. There are so many suggestions popping up in my 14-year-old brain. (Lucy)

Whitechapel Gallery has released a short film featuring Phil Jupitus celebrating Eduardo Paolozzi. (Jenny)

Special effects magician Dan Martin takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of his workshop (below) in this short doc created by Little White Lies. (Beccy)

Mac DeMarco’s new video is so creepy and great! That old dawg. (Lucy)

Don’t Panic has made this satirical ad highlighting the ridiculous 15-minute allotted time for carer visits. (Jenny)

The New York Times looks back on the work of pop artist James Rosenquist (below) who died last week at 83 – he was known for his painted montages of commercial imagery. (Beccy)


James Rosenquist: President Elect (1960-61/1964)

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