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A great British classic, it’s Best of the Web!

The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting and we’ve got a treasure trove of internet goodies for you to plough through. We’ve got the origins of the 80s aesthetic, a candid interview with Lucinda Chambers on life after Vogue and a peek into how the Eames Plywood Lounge Chair is created. There’s also a bumper edition of who to follow, with a gander at our Grads 2017 Instagram accounts.

According to the designer, Wycombe Wanderer’s horrible new goalkeeper kit was actually intended to be ugly and has been designed specifically to “put off strikers”. (Will)

The Cash Money app creates cover art for your rap debut. Amazing. (Tim)

The legend, Hayao Miyazaki shares his favourite children’s books. (Connor)

The origin of the 80s aesthetic (below), in all its garish glory. (Beccy)

How can we not mention Lucinda Chambers’ interview in Vestoj – surely one of the most candid interviews to happen in fashion in years. (Jenny)

…also another interesting article about the changes at Vogue. (Ellen)

Rhea Thierstein transforms a phone box into a Better Call Saul-themed office. (Ayla)

Loads of really cool free art books for download here. (Callum)

Supercut of writers struggling with writing (below). Like staring into a mirror. (Marianne)

The New York Times talks to Maria Balshaw about being the first female director of Tate. (Beccy)

Lloyd Dorfman donates a seven-figure sum to the RA for an architecture gallery and two awards. (Jenny)

Interesting article on the purpose of TV title sequences in the age of streaming. (Simon)

How the Eames Plywood Lounge Chair is made. (Owen)

Who to follow

This week we unleashed The Graduates 2017 into the world! If you wanna keep up with what they do next, you should follow them on Instagram!

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