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Ding ding! Another bout of the best things we’ve found on the internet this week

Spring is in the air, and in our steps. Why? Not because we’ve been out frolicking in the fields, but because we’ve been surfing the infinite waves of the world wide web to find you the very best gems among it.

This week my mate Rowan started sharing some of his nostalgic indie moments on Twitter and then a whole other bunch of people caught on posting their myspace heartbreaks and awkward 2007 memories such as John Prescott (?!) (Manda)

Quite a statement that Saint Laurent has completely wiped the slate clean within days of Hedi Slimane’s exit. Changed the name of the house back to original and deleted entire Instagram history. (Alex H)

Japanese Rope Jumping. It was all a dream… (Ali)

Vanity Fair​ looks at the raucous life of one of The New Yorker’s most prolific cartoonists. (Alex H)

A new website that revels in the debauchery and mayhem behind the most famous figures from art history (as well as providing useful information). (Owen)

Very interesting piece on Design Week about a new sex-proof tampon aimed at “empowering couples.” (Emily)

An interesting article on how the 2016 Olympic logo and font were created. (Simon)

Dancing dog. No words needed. (Ali)

Saw this short other day and thought it was nice, might have quite a lot to do with the fact that I love Jeff Buckley. (Jess)

Online cinema club streams good/weird films every week. (Carol)

Vice spoke to the director of the one-take film everyone’s talking about, Victoria, Sebastian Schipper. (Emily)