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Best of the Web and the Graduates you should follow on social, pronto

Welcome to another weekly roundup of the Best of the Web: your digest of the things we reckon you should be having a look at online. We’ve also drawn together a handy list of the finest creative types to follow, all of which just happen to be our wonderful It’s Nice That Graduates 2016!

Grey London has teamed up Häagen-Dazs and Wimbledon for a new campaign and instagram takeover, tasking street-style photographer Adam Katz Sinding to turn the lens on the audience at this year’s tennis grand slam. (Jamie Green)

Reality and dream overlap with eerie Hitchcockian undertones in this short film about a strictly conservative 1950s television cook spending a night in a roadside hotel out of the rain. (Jamie Green)

Photos taken by Pierre Jeannette, who travelled with architect Le Corbusier, between 1950 and 1953 to the site of Chandigarh – the new Punjabi capital. (Owen)

Sashca Braulig’s oil paintings – they’re absolutely INsane! (Connor)

Sean O’Hagan looks into how photography has shifted in the digital age, where works created using technology like Instagram and Photoshop are making their way into galleries (Beccy)

Ewoudt Boonstra and Ambassadors have made a short film about an x-ray of a toy car in a butt. It’s rather wonderful. (Emily)

Interesting street view of the British Museum (Jamie Mc)

When rumours started circulating that the tiny island of Inishturk, Ireland and its 58 residents and plentiful hordes of sheep would welcome anyone seeking refuge from a Trump presidency, it turns out a lot of people took it seriously. This documentary covers their reaction to that viral story, with no moment spared in bashing Trump wholeheartedly. (Jamie Green)

Who to Follow – The Graduates 2016

If young, talented grads ready to take on the creative world tickle your fancy, get a load of these lot.

Tom Joyes

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Hannah Nightingale

Harry Grundy

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Vera Babida

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Maddy Mould

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Michael Cox

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Oscar Mitchell

John Molesworth

Liam Hart

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Ben Leonard

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Oliver Marshall

Jennifer Zheng

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Peony Gent

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