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8 December 2017
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This week’s Best of the Web is coming to you from a very chilly place indeed, but it’s ok – we’ve got jumpers, thick socks and warm crumpets on the go, so we’re at optimum hygge level or whatever the 2017 equivalent for cosiness is. For this week’s addition, we’ve got a response to Trump for using Comic Sans in a statement (smh), a look at 100 years of public health marketing and a video interview with Jay Z from The New York Times.

This man managed to trick Google into thinking he was Time’s Person of the Year. (Bryony)

Really great (and long) article about how Spotify has ruined/is ruining the music industry, including mental stats such as its subscribers went from from “five million paid subscribers in 2012 to more than sixty million in 2017”. (Lucy)

A response to Trump’s lawyer’s decision to use Comic Sans in a statement. (Jenny)

100 years of Public Health Marketing (below)– one thing that is apparent it that it has got so much worse over time. (Owen)

Bit disappointed to see the ten most watched ads on YouTube of 2017 are fairly lacklustre. (Jenny)

In the wake of Lubain Himid being the oldest artist to win the Turner Prize at 62, The Guardian takes a look at the best work from artists over 60. (Beccy)

The new Big Moon video is amazing and just shows that these girls, and girls in general, are just the best. (Lucy)

A look behind the scenes at La Casa del Carlota (below) – a Barcelona-based design studio staffed by creatives with Down’s syndrome, autism and intellectual disabilities. It might be the best thing I have watched this year. (Owen)

Oobah Butler turned his shed into the top rated restaurant in London on Trip Advisor. (Owen)

Wieden+Kennedy’s TK Maxx ad saw one family have a snow day all of their own. It’s heartwarming stuff, not least because it’s narrated by Bill Nighy. (Jenny)

The New York Times incredible interview with Jay Z. (Bryony)

A podcast interview with Meme Librarian (that’s right, Meme Librarian) Amanda Brennan. (Marianne)

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