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Best of the Web: our round-up of the great things we’ve seen on the internet this week

From people getting frisky with provocative waxworks and a look at the history of gloriously designed music mag The Face to the reassuring realisation that Peaches is still probably the coolest person in the world, it’s been another fascinating week on the gargantuan expanse of eccentricities we call the internet. The It’s Nice That gang has trawled together their favourite bits for your viewing pleasure below.

Everyone’s been talking about the waxwork of Nicki Minaj in the Las Vegas branch of Madame Tussauds and the provocative all fours position they put her in. But The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones goes one step further and gives us a brief “history lesson” in the ancient past-time of men trying to have sex with statues. Delightful! (Rebecca)

Short Esquire piece on The Face including a gallery of never-before-seen images from the archives with commentary from Nick Logan (Will)

Someone called VICE COOLER, yes that’s VICE COOLER has directed a wonderful new video for all-round megababe and superdude Peaches’ new track Close Up, in which Kim Gordon acts as a nonchalant wrestling coach. Music videos rarely get cooler than that. (Emily)

Sunday’s Independent ran an interview with artists Jake Chapman and Cedric Christie who met in a five-a-side artists’ football game in 1999. Jake and Cedric talk separately about their relationship, and it’s interesting to read how they think of each other as people and as artists. (Rebecca)

Never before has not being able to walk in your heels looked so much like an exotic and carefully choreographed dance routine as in this brilliant Kinopravda-directed short Twun. on NOWNESS. (Maisie)

You can’t turn your head in 2015 without reading something about gender and this is quite a far-reaching survey in The New York Times that only skims the surface of the subject, but it sees trendwatchers, buyers and managers from stores like Liberty, as well designers like Miuccia Prada weigh in on how retail is targeting a more unisex approach to clothes. Most interestingly, some niche retailers already feel like their shoppers have “been there, done that.” (Alex H)

Interesting piece on The New York Times about Amazon.  Amazon runs the team on data-driven management, requiring employees to over achieve and always hit daily targets.  As a result it causes extreme tension between employees and senior management. (Manda)

Over on SHOWStudio artist and graphic designer Scott King talks to Lou Stoppard about working as creative director of Sleazenation in 2001 and 2002 (Will)