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We can feel it, spring might have sprung at last. The lambs are leaping, the daffodils are swaying and those giving up things for Lent are in a spiral of regret they can’t get out of. To ease the period of abstinence though, get stuck into this week’s Best of the Web instead – we’ve got a Reddit feed of beautiful penmanship, the story of the Chinese media citing a satirical New Yorker article as real Trump news and a live feed of Icelandic kittens if you just can’t handle anything else.

Viceland has launched Woman, a new online series presented by the brilliant Gloria Steinem. From the frontline of Pakistan to assault in the US military, Zambia’s child brides and rape as a weapon of war, the subjects covered are heavy but incredibly important. (Bryony) 

A book shop in France has been matching covers with customers’ and employees’ faces for great Insta fodder. (Jenny) 

Amazing story about how the Muppets’ pastiche of American Gothic still preys on the mind of the creator today. (Owen)


Michael K. Frith: American Gothic

Smiled throughout watching Paul Hartnoll perform Orbital’s Chime classic. He still loves it – and so he should! Also would really like one of those jumpers. (Lucy)

Chinese publications cited a satirical New Yorker article as fact this week, saying that President Trump was “holding court in a bathrobe” and had ordered his aides to wrap the White House telephones in tinfoil. (Jenny)

The Guggenheim Bilbao sparked a myth about the value of culture for regeneration. Edwin Heathcote examines the phenomena in Apollo. (Owen)


TV test cards


A groovy collection of TV test cards. (Beccy)

A company called made custom Lego figures for IWD based on inspiring women including Frida Kahlo, Emmaline Pankhurst and Malala Yousafzai. (Amy) 

A live feed of a bunch of kittens in Iceland called Keeping up with Kattarshians – unnecessary but so cute. (Beccy)

This Wired article talks about how men still get (almost) all of Hollywood’s best lines and has the proof to back it up. (Simon)


Penmanship Porn

Reddit’s Penmanship Porn thread is the BEST day brightener. I mean, just LOOK AT THAT 2! (Connor)

Artist Dominic Myatt, who has previously turned Hackney’s Ridley Road into a grotesque nudist beach, is back with an equally nuts project, this time a book of drawings depicting the erotic m4m classified ads on Craiglist. He’s celebrating the launch with Commune East at east London’s Hoi Polloi on 23rd March. (Bryony)

In time for IWD, W+K Amsterdam released three films for Nike which were part of local campaigns in the Middle East (below), Russia and Turkey, aiming to inspire girls to get active, regardless of societal, physical or cultural barriers. (Jenny)

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